Farm to table since 1982

The Natural Life: Organic Farm Philosophy

A return to self-sustainable natural living is the philosophy of Canadian farm, it is more than a theme, it is our essence.
We live at the base of the
Yatsugatake Mountains, a very special region of Japan with a special water source that is well known for its quality and health restorative properties.  We grow and cook our own food.  There is a special pride one gets in living off the product of our own work.

This is a special place.  We know and are known by many interesting people around
Japan and the world because they visit us for our unique atmosphere and philosophy, we see things our own special way.

Mankind began in nature, so being in nature and eating natural foods is our natural state.
Civilization is an amazing thing, we`ve developed so much things like running water, electricity, machinery, and scientific innovation.

But are we really moving forward when the things we make are causing us personal problems like stresses of our bodies and our spirits and are polluting the Earth?  Surely we cannot discard progress....  but how can we move forward and still expe
rience and enjoy the best the natural world offers us?
Our farming, eating, and living life-style involves making use of the most amount of natural things we can.

We still enjoy many of the things of this developed world, we just make sure we use what we have rather than be burdened by it.
And we live well, taking the best of modern sophistication and the gifts of civilization to have a quality life.
For example, eating food cooked in our authentic wood-burning stone oven - a gourmet French-Canadian cooking style - along with amazing speciality farm products like our home-made bread from natural yeast, home-made herbed butter, specialty salads and soups made from vegetables we grew ourselves from our organic farm, and living in houses and buildings designed and build by Haseyan, the artist woodworker.

We eat well, we work well, and we enjoy this life.
A life we want to share with you.

Have an experience of our cuisine, our beautiful mountain setting, our farm we built ourselves and live in, food we grew ourselves, and our amazing natural farm life.
It is a return to nature, and good for the soul.
Many need to return to the natural way to once again leave back home recharged and full of energy.
Do you want to enjoy such things and uplift yourself?
You are welcome to Canadian Farm
See our field and enjoy our food in buildings Haseyan made.
Come get to know us and learn more about an organic lifestyle,
Please visit us

Unique Architecture of Farm: Haseyan`s Woodwork what is Wabi-sabi?

One of the things that makes humans special beings is our ability to innovate and venture into the abstract.
And a truly gifted artist can reach into the "other side" and put together something amazing.

Form meets Function as Haseyan builds:  art and living space combine to create something with quality, character, beauty and use.

see more about Haseyan Woodworker:  The Artist and the Person

We don`t build from hand, but we use our hands.  We use tools but we use natural and man-made materials to make something liveable, safe, functional, beautiful, and enjoyable

What is enjoyable about art?

It appeals to the senses.
The look, the texture, the smells, the feel.

Each part has its own unique character.
And together they become something that works together, and then as a whole, it also works with its surrounding.
See our tree house for example!

What are people going to use this building for?
and even better, what could they possibly use it for more?
Haseyan understands the main purpose of what he is doing.
But when working, Haseyan doesn:t know exacly for what something could potentially be.
This is what makes his function a great art in itself, the art of developing function:
Haseyan feels as he goes and at the end, what he creates is something that
takes what he intended, and works as a whole with its surrounding.

About Haseyan`s style and Wabi-Sabi
Wabi-sabi, a term used to describe a certain style of Japanese architecture, it has often been said to be un-explainable, it is something to expe
rience, and that is too true for Haseyan`s work.

Wabi-sabi refers to a naturalistic/rustic style in which the art form is showing that it is ageing naturally, much like a living form.
Haseyan is a specialty wood worker combining a hard-to-define Japanese design-style with a warm and character-filled home-feel Canadian element. You have to see it and be in it to know it.  It seems simple, but just stop and feel for a bit and you will know.

-When to come: rain/shine and seasons
If its rainy or shiny or snowy or hot or cold, please come, we can accomodate you.
Whether for a special classy gourmet farm style cuisine or drinks and hor d`ouvers, you are welcome.
That being said, there are a few things to know.

1.  Weather
In cold season, we have a fireplace and woodburning fire stove;  we can accomodate 35 people indoors in the home-style restaurant.
It has tables and chairs and even an underfloor heating system all designed and made by Haseyan.
2.  Opening Times for the Farm
We live in a natural setting so we have a high season and a low season.
You may need to know about our restaurant opening times and other activities.
We are open every day of the week, year round.
11:30 to 3pm, last order 2:30 but we are often flexible.(if you ask lunch other time please book before your coming)
and from December to early April please reservation 0266-74-2741 or e-mail.
Open every day
please reservation 0266-74-2741 or e-mail.
During other tmes of the year, please call ahead one day before 5pm to check availability.
Dinner from
5 to 7pm.

Visit our farm, leave with organic produce, have Coffee/Drinks and Hors D`oeuvers
Please drop in, it is our pride to show you our life-style, see our food section and farm produce.
If Haseyan is here he is often available to meet you and loves to show visitors the organic field or to discuss art
,not only art too.

*Japanese speaking people,
staff can talk about our farm year-round.

*Non-Japanese speaking people:
Please come anytime for meals and farm produce
To show you around the farm, you will need to find out if there is someone here who speaks English.
If you want to meet Haseyan, he is usually here in August from the 1st until the 20th.
For all other times of the year, call ahead to see if there is someone English speaking here to host you.  

Haseyan is often here at other times as well, but during our Japanese Winter Haseyan travels internationally for work projects or
takes vacation.  Maybe you can meet him in another country

Visiting our farm is a unique experience.
If you have interest in art, architecture, farm-life and the natural lifestyle, organic farming, cooking or finding some personal strength from a natural lifestyle and thinking, we are happy to meet you.
Tree-house living?  Staying at the Farm!
( we have normal house too.)

While still a project for the future, we plan to have tree-houses built for guests.

Our staff:
-We have long term permanent staff in the restaurant and the farm. They are well trained in cooking and expe
rienced farm-workers.

We also have people here for special farmwork programs.
one example -International Visitors to Japan also come here as an educational work-experience as volunteers through the WOOFER system (World wide Opportunities on Organic Farm)

(however we are accept not only woofer’s volunteer, if you want work with us, please contact us)

Have you ever thought about a work holiday on a farm?  
Have you ever worked in a rice field or picked vegetables?
Farm work is very good for the soul and many benefit from their expe
rience here.

-Sometimes we
take guests for short farm-stay experiences with farm-work or possibly wood-working building trips with Hasyan as a life-style workshop, see our "Special Activities Tab"
Other Activities at the Farm:
By availability, we do have activities throughout the year, things like craft and building workshops and other farm expe
In the Area:
There are many beautiful places to see, such as onsens (Japanese style hot-springs) and mountains in the area.
There are also interesting people as well, we can see if we can help you with information about these things..

 History of Canadian Farm
Canadian Farm was founded in 1982 and was built from the ground up by Haseyan and his Canadian family.He has 4 children.

Restaurant: authentic French-Canadian Cuisine
see our menu
INSERT LINK TO MENU(under constriction)

We pride our self on our home-cooked cuisine, a French-Canadian Quebec regional style characterized by amazing flavors and hearty healthy meals.  We do our best to use as much farm-produced goods as possible and to cook on iron plates in our own wood-burning stone ovens built by Haseyan.

Almost all of our produce is grown organically on our farm and grown free of pesticides, herbicides and absolutely safe from radiation and other chemicals.  We use a professional research company for testing of our soil, water and vegetables twice a year to ensure safety.  Our ingredients are chosen to ensure food that is natural and healthy.

Our meals are also prepared in a way to maximize flavor and preserve optimal nutrition.
To do this, we cook .according to techniques and make use of our stone ovens and pressure cooking, using special cookware such as iron, copper and ceramic that ensures optimal temperature for healthy foods.

Wood-fired Oven Roast Chicken:
Our Wood-fired Oven Roast Chicken, a substantial serving made in a French-Canadian regionally Quebec style prepared in a French Saumur (herbed-brine) resulting in meat that is low in oils and fat but full of flavor, moisture and tenderness while still having crust that is savory and crispy.

Sausage, Oven-Roasted:
Our home-made Sausage, also Wood-fired in our stone Oven, with a delectable va
riety of meats picked and prepared by Haseyan such as beef, pork, and chicken with seasonings that are fresh and natural.  Sometimes Haseyan is able to get wild meat from the local hunters which is quite special!

Tasty Baka Sausage!  Another Sausage we have on occasion, especially fantastic for complementing fine wine and whisky drinking, (or even beer if you like!) is our specialty gourmet sausage known as Baka Sausage (Uma-shika) , also made by Haseyan, as it is a special Japanese style sausage that is a mixture of deer, horse and pork.

Imported Atlantic Salmon Wood-smoked on our Farm,
Heavenly Norweigan Salmon, pink and fleshy, full of fresh-fish flavor and a touch of wood smoked aroma, thinly sliced as a main, or as an accompaniment to your meal.

Home-baked Bread, natural yeast
Baked with pride, the best bread in
Japan we are told, you have to taste it!
The original starter of this yeast was brought specially by Haseyan from
France and the bread baked from our yeast is reputed to turn a start-up kitchen concern into a famous world-class bakery.
Our flour is specially imported from Tokohu, a local Japanese flour, therefore completely free from contamination by anti-caking chemicals used by most imported flour to preserve dryness.
Baked with the special waters of our area, sourced from the
Yatsugatake Mountains, and fired in our Wood-burning ovens, this bread is truly amazing served with our farm-prepared butter that is sweetened and flavored with herbs we grow ourselves on the farm..

Soups and Salads
Made from vegetables grown on our farm wherever possible, including organic garlic, tomatoes, and different types of specialty lettuces.  Amazing flavor and nutrititive properties.  See about our field for our produce [LINK to Our Field}(under construction)

We have a basic bar with wines, beers, and some spirits as well as soft-drinks.
We are proud to serve Grolsh beer, from
We also have coffee and tea.

This is a great place to have a few drinks and something with it to eat!


Canadian Farm is an organic farm in the
Yokomiyama Forest in Hara village in Suwa county, in the Nagano Prefecture of Japan.

Our goal is quality.

We value home-grown natural things, clean and fresh materials, ingredients and elements, making use of what we have and can get around us, and being in a natural health sustaining setting.

We don`t use the commerical mass produced farming techniques to make food that world buys in super-markets.  Conventioally grown foods typically ensure standardized sized produce that fits in boxes and stacks nicely on shelves, and also increases shelf-life by toughening skins and adding chemicals.

Instead we have a home garden philosophy where we maximize the use of good quality natural fertilizers, growing techniques and
take advantage of several elements that makes our produce quite exceptional.

So first we will look at our location, what makes our produce special and why your visit - ie the things you see, do, taste and feel - will be a valuable expe

We live in a sub-valley region near the foothills of the
Yatsugatake Mountains.
Legend has it that this sacred several-peaked mountain range was once a large mountain, even taller than Fuji-san.
In fact Yatsuga
take was the male lover of the female spirit of Mt.Fuji.  
The story goes that Mt Fuji in a jealous rage kicked at Yatsuga
take until it was shorter than she, resulting in several peaks.

Why is a tall mountain so important for nature and a farm?

Water:  One of the basic properties of life

Many people come to Canadian Farm for our special natural water, the original source is from a mountain spring of Yatsuga
Its the best in Suwa!

Our water here is an attraction because of its health sustaining properties and is reputed to be anti-aging and strength building.  Every valley in the region also has a different underground water source that is based from the original
Yatsugatake Mountain mother-spring.  We draw our water from a well that taps into the Yumifuri-suikei which is a very special waterline from the underground basin from the original source -

This is considered to be holy water.  Our farm sits between the original source and a shrine-temple known for sacred water, we are using the same sacred water they have there.  The mountain peak closest to Canadian farm is is shaped like Amida-butsu, the sleeping Buddha is called Amida-dake.  Therefore the water that comes to us is Amida-seisui - holy water. 

The municipality has given us permission to use our own natural water at the restaurant, after testing, they found it even healthier than theirs.  It is also much tastier and free from the chlorine used by municipalities to sanitize city water.

We ensure our water is safe and healthy by sending it to test twice a year to ensure it is free from harmful chemicals and radiation.

The most common method Nature uses to purify water is the cycle of evaporation, condesation and precipitation, that results in rains and snow.
But another way is through the pressure exerted, sometimes by heavy land-mass such as a mountain which drives water up from the deep and purifies it through the mountain itself.

The fresh mountain springs that we derive our farm water come from within and purified by the mountain itself.  Haseyan has designed a well system that furloughs surface water into the creek nearby ensuring we only get the purest water from deep underground which is sourced from Yatsuga

The Yokomiyama forest:
A forest is truly a natural thing in itself and we live in the middle of it.  
You can enjoy walking nearby and sensing this is more than just trees, it is a living breathing thing full of animals like deer and foxes and streams and trees.  It houses living things and purifies the water and the air.  Here you will find large beautiful trees such as Pine,
Cypress, Larch, and Birch.

The Location of The Canadian Farm Field
The unique position of our field also means that while we get the same amount of water as the rest of the area, we are slightly d
rier, resulting in less rot and mold, this is ideal for crops and we don:t have to use anti-humidity chemicals in our soil and stored vegetables.

Our Field

Our soil is rich in minerals as it is has its origins from the volcano that was once Yatsuga
We incorporate as much natural organic suppliments into our field.
Most of Japanese soil is deficient of certain nut
rients since Japan`s land mass came from a volcano.
Haseyan has organized to receive seaweed jelly that is a by-product from a few local seaweed processing companies.
It is rich in iodine and other minerals and we have our own process to make this ready for fertizilization of our crops.

We use chicken and other natural animal manure as much as possible.
We have many worms and helpful insects that shows how healthy the earth of our farm is.
To prevent root rot and ensure adequate flow of water and oxygen underground, Haseyan has designed and installed a drainage system made from scrap wood and dry hay that has been dug into the soil.

Unlike most commerical farms, we don`t raze our field and restart our plants - when it makes sense, we let our plants naturally go to and drop seed for next generation crops.
And we also incorporate crop rotation to reduce disease and maximize nut
rients within the soil.

In our main growing season, we make a se
ries of vegetable products  such as home-made ketchup, sauces and fermented koso juice..
In the winter season, we manage the use of our crops that came from the growing season.

Our produce:
-Lettuces come in at least several va
rieties including red, white and green lettuces
-Mustards such as mizuna and common mustard
-Bell Pepper
-Chilli Peppers
-Nagaimo Taro root vegetable
-Herbs for cooking and tea such as: fennel, coriander, basil, chives, chervil, tarragon, dill, comfrey, mint, parsley, nasturtium, thyme, borage, and chamomile.

-Our Organic Products. Bread, cured meat
-"Kingdom of Haizai" a book written by Haseyan in Japanese about build from vintage materials
-"Marutajin" a book written in Japanese about people who work with wood, Haseyan featured.
- Our Oven Baked famous Bread is also available for sale by the loaf
- Our Cured Meats and Wood-smoked Atlantic Salmon is offered for sale by the kilogram
- Our vegetable produce is also for sale, you cannot get it any fresher than this, you may even go with Haseyan sometimes to pick it yourself from the field!
- Haseyan:s functional pieces of art, a unique possesion:
Hand-made woodcraft like such as furniture, tables or chairs, or
Metal kitchen stoves
Wood-fired stone ovens
-Special designed Farm style Clothing, denim style with metal eyelets
-Metal and wood sculpture for your interior or outside of your home or work places
-Artistically designed Sun-cover Terraces and Gazebos made with custom decorative metal posts and fine-fabric work.

Country Air Cured Meats for Hors D`ouvres for your next party:   our farm specialty:
Based on a brining and salt curing technique developed by Haseyan, this is the perfect addition to your cheese and olive trays at your next fancy function.  Sold by the kilo either freshly sliced or in whole pieces for you to slice yourself

-Special Meals: Yaki-niku Barbeque, Spanish Paella, or Meat on a Spit-fire speak to us!
Haseyan is a world-class chef and can do many things.
Speak to us about preparing something special for a larger group visit.

Programs and Activities:
-Haseyan International Travel and Local Woodworking Workshops,
Haseyan has given workshops around the world on his unique style of building.
It is part of his nature to promote cultural diplomacy and preserving art as part of natural building styles.

-Special Activities
Special activities on a farm are available at certain low-season times of the year.
Please call us or send email with your enquiry as many activites will require months planning and hopefully to have Haseyan present in the event he is not too busy with work.

There are many things that can be done on a farm.

We can offer:
-Group Workshops such as leather craft and woodworking for small to large groups.
-Youth-counseling is also important to us and we have programs for youth and also educators we can put on for natural awareness, learning work values, social tools, and to help for guidance.

Farm Work Programs - upcoming Projects

Have you ever thought about a work holiday on a farm?  
Have you ever worked in a rice field or picked vegetables or worked with animals?
Or worked along side a famous artist, building houses or doing fine carpentry?

Many people can benefit by doing good honest outdoor solid work.
But most of the people living in cities stay in small dwellings, many work in large organizations in unnatural settings.

Yes, on the farm, we work here. But we enjoy our work, our work is part of our life, and this is truly work for the soul, .
Farm work is very good for the soul and many benefit from their experience here.

We may have upcoming projects:
-Tree-House building
-Wood-fired Stone Oven Building
-Other House Building

Or you may like to come to work in the fields for an organic rice field or vegetable farming experience.
We have a goat and chickens for eggs!
Special activities on a farm are available at certain low-season times of the year.
Please call us or send email with your enquiry as many activites will require months planning and hopefully to have Haseyan present.

-Your stay in our Tree-house!  
would you like a farm-stay vacation in our Tree-house?
or even better, would you like to be involved in building a Tree-house?

Although we only have 1 tree house now, it is not available for guests.
So we have plans to build a few more to take people for overnight stays here.

*if you are interested in learning how to build treehouses,  see our Special Activities tab [LINK Special Activities} (under contraction)

-Hold your Special Occasion with us!
Weddings and Conferences
Your wedding or conference is a special occasion.
For business or social conferences, many things can be arranged and per different budgets from classy to afford
Our venue can fit 150-200 people and we can accomodate 50 cars.
We have plenty of choices for affordable accomodation close-by 15 minutes away by car, or 30 minutes for more up-market places.

Our food selections are also varied

For example, we can arrange Pastas and Salads, Fruit plates and Hor D`Ouvers, Cakes and Coffees.
We can also do:
Wood fired Spit-Roasts such as whole Pigs, or on special occasion per availability we can do Wild Boar, or Sheep, or part of Cow
Spanish Paella, a pungent and flavorful rice dish with chicken, shrimp, squid, fish, or any combination.
Roast Chicken or Pork

We can stock a drink bar with beer, wine, spirits, and soft drinks.
You are also free to brng your own liquor.

For a large group we can order a sound system.
You are free to bring your own musicians and entertainment if you like.

For weddings, many have a concert style ceremony that we set up in the woods.
Another popular option which we can arrange is for the bride and groom to enter by horse-back.
We can also arrange wedding cake.

About Haseyan, Woodbuilder Artist

Sponteneity Woven into a Synergy Manifests as Haseyans Works.

is something like a powerfully quirky mix between a builder and an artist and a wild man and a lumberjack and a cook and really fun person and is a traveler himself.  He is emotional, sensual, and energetic.  He grew up in Kyoto in Kansei which is a region noted for friendliness and the enjoyment of food and socializing.  His early work as a ireman and later his travel, including places in the United States, Canada and Mexico speak of his attraction to go and infuse himself with as much as he could find of the physical world.  His ability to understand what appeals to people and his search for quality has in at least part derived from his travel and mixing with people.  Haseyan seems to gather things then mix it up in his own unique special way and re-present it in a way that is both usefulm enjoyable and amazing.

His artistic style is hard to explain, one needs to experience it to know it. (see the section on Architecture of Canadian arm and Haseyans other works)

It is anything but normal, but very interesting and although he takes what might be sometimes interesting obscure things or sometimes things that dont make sense in and of themselves, he puts them together in a process that is dynamic and appealing and he produces something curiously beautiful, strange, useful,and very natural feeling.

Haseyan is first and foremost Japanese, he is Japanese, but he is also more than Japanese in his tastes and mind-set;  the impact Canada had on his work-working abilities has helped him evolve beyond conventional Japanese design.

One could easily look at his buildings and say yes, those look like they are Japanese, but then there is something unexplanably warm expansive and naturalistic that maybe can be partly explained by the influence of a Canadian wood-logger/

The strange part is that his works are not polished and prestine, but they seem to beckon one to get close and be on an in them.

It seems Haseyan can build anything.  he grabs what feels right to him and can put together a treehouse or a interesting wooden structure.  His ability to design and produce is quite exceptional.

Haseyan is a physical artist.  He is very precise but he likes big things, houses, rooms, roofs, walls.  He handles the chainsaw as if it were a paintbrush, with enough precision almost to make one want to allow him to give oneself a shave.... but his broad sweeping strokes result in something grand and magnificent.

He has an interesting artistic process.  Maybe one could describe it as an ”i dont know” philosophy, but the irony is that he does know as he goes, he just doesnt seem to know before.   It is almost like another sense, and it is often seems like a big mystery as to what goes on inside of him as he works and produces somethign that works.

It seems that Haseyan enters a creative flow.  He knows what he needs to produce, but then he gets to where he goes and somethign synergetic happens;  there is a lot of movement and energies shifting and then next thing you know, there is some fantastic buidling or other structure and then something very strange and intruiging happens, his signature victory dance which can only be described as spirited upbeat and uninhibited.

Working with large things is team-work and Haseyan by nature is a helpful person that likes to give to people and add life to them.  It is a challenge for him to live in the abstract world and manage others, but like with everything he does, something spontaneous and synergetic happens.  What he enjoys most is the process, that runs between the fine line of some sort of natural course and something he architects.

His building process on big projects highlights how everything with him is cooperative, whether its with elements of construction of fellow workers.  
And both the final product and the people who work along side him are left better off that before.

It is interesting to note Haseyan as a helpful generous person.  He is noted by the local community as a good person for life counsel and it is often that some elder is calling on Haseyan to meet and sit with people who are dealing with life struggles.  He is sad when he cant help, but he is also that much more pleased when others grow around him, he enjoys when others enjoy, that seems to be the theme of what he is driven to create.

Maybe he likes the attention, but there is also something beautiful and useful, that is an expression from his inside

We asked Haseyan himself.

Can you describe your artistic process?
I have no imagination before I touch, but after I start, I look and I see there is something in front of me, so I put that something together with other things.  When I put things together, there is a sense of something that happens, but before I get there, I don‘t know what the material is that I will be using.  I usually dont buy the material; my material comes from nature or somewhere around, so at that day, I may find a stone, or maybe I find a curved wood, or a straight wood or glass or whatever and then I put it together.  My final product depends on the material, and the designs that come as I go.  I have no idea.  So I need good material..... or good is strange material for me.
He has appeared on television and in magazines and there have been a couple of books written on him and his art.  He also travels on occasion to do building work-shops.


Do you want to experience something different this summer?
Do you want to have great fun and adventure?
Do you want to practice your Japanese and make friends form all over the world?
Do you want to now more about organic farming and cooking?


We offer summercamps for kids aged 8-15 years. Our daily programs include fun activities in the nature, such as mountain climbing, outdoor cooking, soccer games, fruit picking on our own organic fields, djembe workshop and many many more…..!!!
If you come in a large group, we offer great discounts. Please contact us for more information.
You will sleep in a big lodge, sharing with other " adventures young people". Or you can sleep under the stars….
Parents are also welcome, but we recommend a nearby bed&breakfast.

What to bring:
-sleeping bag
- old clothes ( you might get dirty while we search for a treasure in the forrest…)
- wash utensilities
- good shoes
- torch
- private needs


We run our summer camp between 23.july 06 until 3.august 06. Be quick, as numbers are limited!

Per kid per night / day ( including 3 healthy meals)
Accses by bus
Take the suwa bus ( number 4) in chino station. Please be aware that there are only a few trips per day, last one around 4 pm. Timetable can be found at www………………………………… Get off at bus stop: pension shita ( 880\), walk downhill 50 meters and take the street to the right. You will see soon a sign "Canadian Farm". Keep walking for around 15 min and you will see a small walktrack (shortcut) to Canadian Farm. It takes about 40 min from the bus sation to get to us.

At the Canadian Farm we have lots to offer.

In our homestyle restaurant we serve delicious , homemade organic food. The big terasse invites to relax and enjoy our tasty food and the beautiful nature around us.
The souvenir shop is worth a stopp too: unice arts and crafts form Nepal, Canada and of course also local goodies. You will enjoy to have a look and everyone can find something nice to bring home as memory.
If you like to experience organic farming, please contact We always appreciate your interest in organic and healthy living and we love to share our healthy lifestyle.

1077-7 hara-mura suwa-gun
Nagano japan.
(2hours from tokyo or nagoya by train)
tel +81-266-74-2741(inside japan 0266-74-2741)
mail :